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Tips For Small Space Decorating

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I consider our house to be a small space. We have around 1100 square feet of living area and it’s, by far, the smallest house we’ve ever lived in.

I know that a lot of people live in much smaller spaces, but to us, this is small and it’s been quite a challenge for me to get used to.

dark gray accent wall in a small sunroom with a big green plant in the corner

Even after living in our smaller home for two years, I sometimes find it difficult to maximize storage and to find a balance between decorating using too much and not enough.

Here are some tips I’ve found helpful for the challenges of small space decorating.

Decorating with mirrors

I know I’ve mentioned this before but mirrors really are a great way to open up a small space with added light.

I have them all over my house and I feel like they do make a difference in making a small room seem more spacious.

small entry with dark painted board and batten accent wall

Decorating with multi-purpose furniture

Almost every piece of furniture that I have in my house is multi- purpose. I really had to choose my pieces wisely and consider its storage capacity, its size in the space and surface area.

I have very few surfaces to place decor and lamps, so I had to be very thoughtful with my choices.

One example is my ottoman, which has storage for blankets and, with a tray on top, serves as a spot to place your drink or an area to place a few decorative pieces.

Tips For Small Space Decorating | www.chatfieldcourt.com

Decorating with tiny knick knacks

When you have a small space and limited area to place treasured decor, you don’t want to have tiny knick knacks taking up valuable real estate.

I try to choose larger items and place them in groups of 3 or 5 and I often use a tray. It really adds a little extra to a grouping of items.

Tips For Small Space Decorating | www.chatfieldcourt.com

Exposed legs on furniture

Most of my furniture has exposed legs and I think it makes a huge difference in our small space.

Tips For Small Space Decorating | www.chatfieldcourt.com

Even in the bedroom, the legs on our bed are exposed and I don’t use bedskirts.

Tips For Small Space Decorating | www.chatfieldcourt.com

Living small is ok.

This is by far the most difficult one for me. I read a lot of blogs every day and looking at big homes with lots of beautifully decorated rooms, when mine is small, is sometimes tough.

I just have to remind myself that small is ok and that I need to make the best with what I have (then I remember how much work it is to clean a big house with 3 bathrooms and I feel better).

DIY platform bed with storage baskets underneath

Have you ever been challenged decorating a small space? Any tips you care to share?

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