Christmas Banner with Lightbulbs

I’ve finally caught up on all of my Christmas decorating and I’m so excited to share a favorite craft that I did, a Christmas banner with lightbulbs. Huh??? Yup, I used Christmas tree lightbulbs to make a banner for my guest bedroom and I love how it turned out (plus it was so easy to do and who doesn’t love that?).

How to make a Christmas banner made with lightbulbs and baker's twine. | chatfieldcourt.comA Christmas banner with old lightbulbs is a fun and easy holiday craft. | chatfieldcourt.comNot only am I sharing my project, but I’m joining in with a ton of other talented bloggers for Home for Christmas, a home and garden hop hosted by and! You can see all the other projects at the end of the post. #HomeforChristmas

Home for Christmas blog hop
Before you join in on the fun though, let’s take a look at how I made my Christmas banner with lightbulbs.

I had a few Christmas crafts I wanted to do this year and a Christmas banner with light bulbs wasn’t one of them, but when I found a few bulbs floating around in our Christmas boxes, I decided to try to make a banner for the guest bedroom.

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A Christmas banner made with old lightbulbs. | chatfieldcourt.comThe idea was to spray them with vinegar water and Rust-Oleum Mirror Glass Spray Paint, to make them look like mercury glass, and then string them up with red and white baker’s twine. Sounds reasonable right? I certainly thought so. 😉

A Christmas banner made with old lightbulbs is a fun and easy craft. |

First, I stuck the bulbs into a piece of insulation we had leftover, to make them easier to spray, and then I sprayed one coat of the Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect Spray. I let the paint set up for a minute and then I lightly spritzed the bulbs with a vinegar and water solution (just like I did when I turned a mason jar into a lamp here, and an old window into a mirror, here)

Rustoleum looking glass spray | chatfieldcourt.comThe spray actually dries very quickly but I waited until the next day to string them with the baker’s twine. To do that I made a simple knot and put the bulb in the loop. A loop was tied on each end to hold the banner up, and we were in business. (No, I don’t have man hands, they belong to the hubs…because he refuses to touch my camera. 😉 )

A Christmas banner made with old lightbulbs and baker's twine is a fun holiday craft. | See…super easy and I really love how my Christmas banner looks on the barn wood shelves in the guest bedroom!

A Christmas banner made with old lightbulbs is a fun and easy holiday craft. | chatfieldcourt.comA Christmas banner made with old lightbulbs and baker's twine is a easy and fun holiday craft. | chatfieldcourt.comA Christmas banner made with old lightbulbs and baker's twine is a fun and easy holiday craft. | chatfieldcourt.comI have several other holiday crafts I can’t wait to share, plus my holiday home tour. In the meantime, I hope that you’ll check out the other awesome projects linked up. Enjoy and happy holidays!


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40 thoughts on “Christmas Banner with Lightbulbs

  1. Oh this is so cute! Also, getting to play with spray paint! 😀 I love bunting of all shapes and sizes and variety, and this one is certainly unique (in the most best way possible!).

  2. Your Guest room turned out great. Great idea for the random bulbs. The first thing I thought was how like a fireplace mantel your shelves are. They give you a place to decorate through the seasons just like a mantel would. Glad you clarified the man hands this time. LOL Debbie

    • Thanks Debbie! I don’t usually decorate the bedrooms but this room is a favorite, and one we look at all the time because it’s next to the kitchen, so I like to do a little something. So glad you stopped in today Debbie! Hope you have a great week! 🙂

  3. Visiting as a fellow participant from the #HomeForChristmas blog tour. Your Christmas vignette is gorgeous! Pinned!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. Hugs, Holly

  4. This is a really cute idea and I love the mantle with the pine garland too, but forgive me, my eye went to the bed with the white covers and red pillows. I love it! Better get myself going for Christmas decorating. I haven’t done anything yet. That darn bathroom has been taking all my spare time!

    • Thanks MJ. I don’t usually decorate bedrooms but I really love doing this one up and I love the red with the white too! I know how hard it is when a project lasts forever. Hang in there…I’m sure it will look fabulous when your done. 🙂 Have a great week my friend!

  5. This post was so inspirational for many reasons. Not only do I love the Christmas lightbulb garland, but it helped me see I can make use of other red bed coverings/linens I already have on hand to decorate bedrooms for the holidays instead of spending thousands on the Christmas patterned ones I’ve been coveting.

    Thank you for the tips/gorgeous decorating ideas!

    • Awww, thanks for the sweet comment. I’m so glad that my Christmas guest bedroom inspired you. I usually decorate simply, because I get bored easily, and I can mix and match colors without worrying about patterns clashing (besides the fact that I’m terrible at mixing patterns). 😉

      Thanks so much for stopping in. Merry Christmas!

  6. Super cute, Kristi. I love to see things repurposed like these bulbs, instead of ending up in a landfill. Good job! Love how you dressed your guest room for Christmas. Very pretty.

  7. I was wondering… have you, or do you know of anyone that painted the light set and used it? I love the banner with the Christmas light bulbs but would like them to light up.

  8. What a great project! I love the shape of these bulbs and this is the perfect re-use.

    May I ask how you got the full, even coating on the brass base of the bulbs? From the tutorial photos, it looks as though a portion of the base would be masked off by the insulation. Was it necessary to hand-paint the bases to finish them, or did you flip and spray them? Thanks!

    • Thanks Mati! I had fun making it. I actually used Rub ‘n Buff in silver to cover the base of the bulbs. A little swipe with my finger and the brass was gone. Hope this helps. 🙂

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